Country of origin : India

The Team has more than 30 Years of full Product life cycle design Experience. Concept to Product Implementation,  Embedded hardware design, supported by Web and Mobile Applications. The R&D Product engineering Facility is well equipped for State of the Art Product delivery – manufacturable and Serviceable Globally.


Monkeylabs’ TEAM  brings a Global Ecosystem to its advantage to deliver world class Products from India

The IOT Products at Monkey Labs Service the 

  • Smart Home Needs
  • Smart Security Solutions
  • Industrial & Institutional Control & monitoring
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Toy Drone Markets

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Kota Bhaskar (Founder)

Innovation, Engineering & Strategy EXPERIENCE 

Kota Bhaskar has been in the Global Electronic Semiconductor & System Design Industry for the past 30 years, focusing  efforts in Innovating and building path-breaking Chip, System & Platform Technology Products. 

He has been a “Hands on Engineer & Architect” with a proven management track record in innovating and building Products that have made significant Impact in the Global Industry/society. Innovator with 5 US Patents issued, 11 in applications and 165 Citations. He has invested his 30 years of Platform Architecture & Product Design Experience into MonkeyLabs to create a World Class IoT Platform for Home/Industry Automation


Design & Deliver World Class Connected Products


Establish MonkeyLabs as a Niche Connected Product ODM With Global reach